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I have been playing the piano for many years now, starting at just 5 years old. I worked my way through all 8 grades, with ABRSM and Trinity College London. I come from quite a musical family, and was encouraged to keep going, keep playing, and ceveloping my skills. It wasn’t easy – especially when you’re balancing school and social life, but music became a very important part of my life and routine.

By the time I was leaving school, and I would often find myself practising for 4 hours a day, just loving to play. I started to teach just prior to leaving school, and have never stopped. I have taken countless pupils – from children as young as 5 right up to adults – through their own ABRSM grade exams, and its a real pleasure to see someone start with no knowledge of music, and slowly develop their skills and see their own progression! Have a look at our testimonials section, to see what our pupils say!